Feel at ease with our simple Novum 7step building process

Our Process

1. Design Consultation with Novum Consultant

Choose a desired Novum site or on your own lot

Discuss the potential design of your home with our In-House Architects.

2. Evolution of your home design

The initial design process can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks to 3-4 months, depending on your schedule and the amount of details and alterations made to the plan.

After the floor plans are finalized we begin developing the basement and elevation plans.

During this time you will also be working with your NovumĀ  Consultant on the price of your home.

3. Contract

Upon completion of the design of your home, you will sign off on the proposed plans and contract.

Once the plans are signed off, we will then begin to engineer your home and submit for all necessary permits.

It is also encouraged to have a verbal approval on your construction loan at the time of contract, as you have 10 days after contract to obtain your final loan approval for your Construction Loan.

4. After Contract

Over the next few weeks Novum will engineer your new home. During this time you will need to finalize financing and lock in interest rates.

At contract you will receive a list of appointments to confirm 2-3 weeks from contract.

6. Timeline

Depending on the size, amount of detail, and weather conditions, you can expect to have your home built within 6-10 months of being staked. You will have an estimate before contract.

7. Closing

Closing will occur within 30-40 days after the date of your contract.

You will be given keys at the final walk-through with your Novum Building Supervisor assuming we have received a Final Occupancy Permit.

At this time you will also receive a folder with all of the warranty and manufacturer information packets. This folder includes the contact information for the sub-contractors who participated in the construction of your home, as well as a list of utility companies in order to transfer all utilities to your name.